Why I’ve Started Blogging

by Jeff Loughridge

Welcome, readers. As a new entrant into the blogging space (sorry, I can’t bring myself to use “blogosphere”), I want to explain why I am doing so. For a long time, I considered the vast majority of blogs to be self-serving pinnacles of narcissism, akin to personal home pages in the mid to late 1990s (Yes, I had one).  I viewed the blogs–particularly the popular tech blogs–to be petty, sensationalistic, and dull. Of course, there was great content out there that I’d discover via Digg or other similar site. Still, I was not a regular reader of any blog, and I had no desire to start my own.


What’s changed my thinking? Since I started my business in January, I’ve received tremendous support from business associates, alumni, friends, and persons known only to me in the online realm. The wisdom and insight they provided is immeasurable. If, in my musings about IP, mobility, and entrenpreneurship, I can add something of value to the community, I would view my effort as time well-invested.


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