Simple Caveman IP Engineer

by Jeff Loughridge

In the late 1980s, Saturday Night Live had a running sketch with Phil Hartman as The Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. The joke was that the caveman claimed that his primitive mind could not grasp the complexities of modern life, yet he proved skillful in winning over juries using simple wisdom. I think about this sketch when I read about complexity in network design.

In my work, I am a proponent of simplicity in IP networks. Having spent a good part of my 14 year career in Operations environments, I know how simplicity enables an Ops organization to quickly resolve problems in a manner that scales as the network grows.

Do you think you could explain your network architecture to an IP savvy engineer within an hour’s time? If not, how will the NOC fix the network when it fails at 3 am? Perhaps you have a bevy of PhDs willing to perform on-call duties.

But hey…what do I know? I’m just a simple caveman IP engineer.

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