Five Years of Going Solo

by Jeff Loughridge

About six years ago, I knew my career needed a change in direction. What I expected in the change at the time resembled nothing close to what transpired. In the fall of 2008, my circumstances were such that starting an independent consulting business seemed very appealing. (Note that I did not say “ideal,” as I suspect that starting a business is like having a baby for most people. There is never an ideal time.). In addition, an opportunity for three months of consulting work landed in my lap thanks to former co-workers. I went for it. Brooks Consulting was born.

Helping large organizations–typically Tier 1 ISPs and wireless providers–over the last five years has been a very enriching experience. I’ve been exposed to many different networking environments and met numerous sharp engineers. I’ve been very fortunate that the positives of this line of work have vastly outweighed the negatives.

I would not be writing this blog entry without my professional network and clients. Of all my projects, I’d estimate that 98% originated through word-of-mouth or referrals. I feel humbled.

Thanks for the all the support. I look forward to continuing my work with existing clients and finding new projects to take on.


2 Comments to “Five Years of Going Solo”

  1. Congrats Jeff! You’ve take a step that many would never feel comfortable taking and been successful afterwards. That is a great thing and you have every right to be very proud! Here’s to your continued success!

  2. Jay, I appreciate your comment. Thank you for advice and guidance over the last five years.

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