About Me and My Companies

I’ve been working on IP networks since 1997. I passionate about the technology, particularly in explaining how technology can make businesses more effective and more agile. I believe strongly in the value of simplicity in designing, operating, and maintaining wired and wireless networks. This concept is a core underpinning of my business, Brooks Consulting LLC. I help clients optimize IP infrastructure to enable their service portfolio, to simplify the network, and to reduce the network cost structure. My clients include T-Mobile USA, Cisco, and Clearwire.

Before founding Brooks Consulting, I held engineer and management positions in Operations, Design, and Engineering groups in my ten years at Sprint. I was a regular speaker at Sprint’s Executive Briefing Centers throughout the U.S. My most satisfying experience with the company was leading the effort to deploy 40 Gb/s IP over DWDM on the SprintLink backbone in 2008.

In 2017, I co-founded Konekti Systems LLC. We help clients with public cloud connectivity and networking within the cloud. As companies move workloads into the cloud, the network component is an incredibly vital aspect of a deployment yet does not get the requisite attention from experts in networking. We have deep expertise in traditional networking, network automation, and public cloud.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Duke University and an MBA from University of Phoenix – Reston Campus. For more information on my work history and experience, visit my professional profile on LinkedIn.

You can reach me at jeffl@konekti.us and jeffl@brooksconsulting-llc.com.