About Me and My Company

I’ve been working on IP networks since 1997. I passionate about the technology, particularly in explaining how technology can make businesses more effective and more agile. I believe strongly in the value of simplicity in designing, operating, and maintaining wired and wireless networks. This concept is a core underpinning of my business, Brooks Consulting LLC. I help clients optimize IP infrastructure to enable their service portfolio, to simplify the network, and to reduce the network cost structure. My clients include T-Mobile USA, Cisco, and Clearwire.

Before founding Brooks Consulting, I held engineer and management positions in Operations, Design, and Engineering groups in my ten years at Sprint. I was a regular speaker at Sprint’s Executive Briefing Centers throughout the U.S. My most satisfying experience with the company was leading the effort to deploy 40 Gb/s IP over DWDM on the SprintLink backbone in 2008.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Duke University and an MBA from University of Phoenix – Reston Campus. For more information on my work history and experience, visit my professional profile on LinkedIn.

You can reach me at jeffl@brooksconsulting-llc.com or 703-229-0098.


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